The b.blocks modules show up in Max inside b.patchers, as little grey boxes. Each one has its own interface, comprising a header region in the upper part and the body region, in the lower part.

In the header, the name of the module is displayed in the left. All b.blocks modules names start with “b.”.On the right, the button “h“ opens the help file for the module.:

The body region comprises all the specific user interface elements needed to use each module’s main features.


Using b.blocks in a new patcher

There are at least three ways to correctly instantiate a b.block module:
-create a bpatcher object, open it’s information window and use the patcher file field to write or select the b.block. Then write the apropriate scriptname;

-creating a new object box with the b.block name (as an abstraction), then alt+clicking on it to open the corresponding help file, to copy-paste;

-copy-pasting from one of the overview patches.

Alternatively, they can be used as regular abstractions, inside regular object boxes (the GUI can be acessed inside it’s object box.)