The b.blocks library objects are divided so far into four sets:

– b.brcosa: a simple wrapper for the jit.brcosa object;
– b.centroid: a wrapper for the cv.jit lib cv.jit.centroids object;
– b.chromakey: chromakey with the jit.chromakey object;
– b.colortrack: color filtering and tracking based on the jit.findbounds object;
– b.crop: crops an input matrix;
– b.features: image feature extraction. Outputs the cv.jit.features object data in a list format;
– b.framediff: outputs only the differences between sucessive frames (frame   subtraction);
– b.grab: a wrapper for the jit.grab object, with mirror and black and white function;
– b.hotspots: area collision detection for up to eight areas;
– b.movie: movie player based on the jit.movie object;
– b.negative: inverts the color of an input matrix;
– b.presence: background subtraction with auto-adaptation function;
– b.videomixer: a variable operator mixer for two video sources.
– b.window: a wrapper for the jit.window object.

– b.analyzer~: a wrapper for the analyzer~ object by Tristan Jehan
– b.brickwall~: an fft brickwall filter;
b.envelope~: an envelope generator with audio and control outputs;
b.freqsplit~: an fft frequency splitter with up to 3 splitpoints;
b.gain~: 2 channels linked or independent gain control;
b.oscillator~: an oscillator module with four basic waveforms;
b.pan~: a simple 2 channel panner knob interface;
b.play~: a soundfile player with waveform display and mouse selection;
b.ringmod~: ring modulator~;
b.transposer~: audio transposer based on the transposer Max example patch;

These objects are intended for the communication with external hardware and software.
b.hi: a simple wrapper for the hi (human interface) max object;
b.midiin: midi events sender;
b.midiout: midi event receiver;
b.wacom: wrapper for the wacom object by Jean-Michel Couturier (CNMAT);
b.wiiremote: communicates with Nintendo’s Wii controller using the Osculator software;
– b.kinect: grabs the input of the Kinect sensor using jit.freenect.grab object by Jean-Marc Pelletier

These objects include modules that are common to the whole library or not related to any specific area. The files inside the Kernel folder are not refered here.
– b.presets: preset manager with the pattr object family.



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