“My Jazz Band”

Interactive musical installation for multi-touch screen.

“MyJazzBand” is an interactive musical installation that allows up to four users to play in a virtual jazz band, using a custom-developed graphical interface on a multi-touch display. The users can play piano, trumpet, alto or tenor saxophone, using four virtual keyboards that dynamically adapt to the ongoing tune’s chord changes, accompanied by a virtual bassist and drummer.
The installation uses specially developed algorithms for the automatic real-time generation of jazz bass and drums, as well as the dynamic mapping and chord-voicing calculation of the right notes to play, so that the users can fit in, even without any previous musical knowledge.


Noite Branca“,  Braga, 2-4 September 2016.

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@ “BRG Collective”, at Theatro-Circo, Braga. 29-30 Septembre 2016.















September 2, 2016