I’m currently a PhD candidate at University of Porto in the UTA/Portugal Digital Media doctoral program researching on Automatic Music Generation with advisor Prof. Carlos Guedes (ESMAE/UP) and Co-advisor: Prof. Bruce Pennycook (UT Austin).

Since 2010 researcher at INESC-Porto in the Sound and Music Computing Group (SMC group), led by Fabien Gouyon, integrating the Kinetic project, led by Carlos Guedes.

Within this project, several generative music algorithms and interfaces for musical creation and performance were developed. My main contribution was on GimmeDaBlues, an iOS app focusing on Jazz and Blues, that allows the user to  play a jazz quartet, with or without any musical experience.


Research Papers:


  • Andrikopoulos, Dimitris and Dias, Rui (2016). “Chamber Music in the XXI Century Problematic and challenges”. International Chamber Music Conference 2016 – Chamber Music in the XXI Century: New perspectives and challenges. Porto, 2016.
  • Dias, Rui (2015). “Breakfast Serialism” for laptop orchestra and improvisers: A study on twelve-tone indeterminacy using computer mediation. Electroacoustic Winds 2015.
  • Gomes, J. A.; Pinho, N.; Lopes, F.; Costa, G.; Dias, R.; Barbosa, Á. (2014). “Composing with Soundscapes: an Approach Based on Raw Data Reinterpretation”. XCOAX 2014. Porto, Portugal.
  • Dias, R.; Marques, T.; Sioros, G.; Guedes, C. (2012). “Gimme ‘Da Blues: A Jazz/Blues Player And Automatic Comping Generator For iOS Multitouch Devices”. In InForum Coimbra 2011.


Communications and Presentations:

  • Chamber Music in the XXI Century: Problematics and Challenges. with Dimitris Andrikopoulos. International Chamber Music Festival. Porto, March 12 2016.
  • A contour-based walking-bass algorithm. In Sound and Music Computing Conference (SMC 2013). Stockholm, Sweden. August 2013;
  • Computer Mediated Control of Interactive Music Applications. MAT (Media, Arts & Technologies) Workshop. INESC-TEC, Porto. April 29th 2013;
  • Automatic Generation of Jazz Accompaniments. @Future Places Digital Media Doctoral Symposium. FBAUP, Porto, October 2011;
  • Gimme ‘da Blues: a jazz/blues player and automatic comping generator for iOS. InForum Coimbra. UC, Coimbra, September 2011;
  • GimmeDaBlues, iPhone application. 1st Symposium on Automatic Music Generation. Coimbra, February 2011;