Interfacing Jazz (PhD dissertation)

Within this project, several generative music algorithms and interfaces for musical creation and performance were developed. My main contribution was on GimmeDaBlues, an iOS app focusing on Jazz and Blues, that allows the user to  play a jazz quartet, with or without any musical experience.

My dissertation can be found here.

See a list of my research papers and presentations;

Descriptions and sound examples of the work developed for my doctoral dissertation are divided across these pages:

  • Interfacing Jazz: core concepts and algorithms of my PhD dissertation;
  • GimmeDaBlues: iOS app;
  • MyJazzBand: an interactive installation for multi-touch screen;
  • algorithmic jazz: some resources regarding the algorithmic computation of jazz music.
  • b.blocks library – prototyping of interactive multimedia systems for Max/MSP;


b.blocks library

Max Building Blocks (b.blocks) is a library of objects for the Max programming environment, dedicated to the prototyping of interactive multimedia systems.