Urban Sonic Impressions

Sound installation, with the collaboration of Gilberto Bernardes.

“Urban Sonic Impressions” is a sound installation inspired by the URB system (http://www.urb.pt.vu), by José Alberto Gomes and Diogo Tudela, that creates moving sound textures using sounds from the Porto Sonoro sound archive. Using the analysis data from the online stream coming from the four URB locations in Porto, the data is used to continuously select and alter the parameters of four granular synthesisers and processors.

“Urban Sonic Impressions” was presented as part of the collective installation “We the Citizens”, presented at “Future Places 2013” festival, at Sonoscopia, Porto, with creations by Gustavo Costa, Eduardo Magalhães, Carlos Guedes, Rui Dias, Filipe Lopes e Palmer Eldrich (Luís Fernandes and Miguel Pedro).

Production: Sonoscopia. Video: Miguel C. Tavares